Our Kids Are Tech Addicted. We Can Help.

Neglected Child

It’s not your imagination: Screens are doing something to our kids.

Just ask Tara Savedra, a speech-language pathologist based in Edmond, Oklahoma. She’s been working with students for almost 20 years – since before social media, smartphones, or iPads. Over time her experience had taught her what to expect about how kids act, how they react, and how they operate. But about a dozen years ago, not long after the dawn of smartphones and social media, something changed.

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A Smile for a Smile


A Smile for a Smile Heroes In Waiting is ALL SMILES to announce our new partnership with the amazing souls at Orthodontic Associates. With their huge heart for kids’ mental health, this cause-minded corporation is offering some of their patients who pay for their orthodontic treatment up front the option to donate the entire cost of treatment to Heroes in Waiting. “We are overwhelmed,” says Heroes In Waiting executive director Jim Stewart. “To not just serve their

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