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Heroes In Waiting is more than an anti-bullying program. We are a movement dedicated to the mental wellness of children everywhere, and to creating a safe environment for them to learn and grow. We unsubscribe to the labels of “bully” and “victim.” We understand that kids who engage in bullying behavior many times are acting out of their own trauma and fear, and that both they and kids who are harassed need the loving support of peers and grownups.

What is Heroes In Waiting?

There are so many ways that Heroes In Waiting puts our beliefs into action.

Anti-Bullying & Peace Building CURRICULUM

Our FREE 12-lesson curriculum for youth goes beyond basic anti-bullying information to incorporate currently understood principles and best practices for meeting children’s core needs of safety and belonging, and cultivating an environment conducive to their social and emotional development.

Laptop & Worksheets

Anti-Bullying School Assemblies

Heroes In Waiting also offers high-energy, interactive, anti-bullying and peace-buiding assemblies featuring Oklahoma City Thunder and OU football hype guy Malcolm Tubbs. Each empowering assembly reinforces the concepts taught in the Heroes In Waiting curriculum and challenges kids to awaken the hero within.


“I Am” Heroes In Waiting Video Challenge

We know that the effects of bullying behavior can follow youth into adulthood, where, without help and healing, they may continue to act out in ways that keep them from living life to its fullest. Our “I Am” Heroes In Waiting Video Challenge asks grownups everywhere to boldly share their stories of bullying as a way to break cycles and encourage change.

Teen Advisory Board

Our Teen Advisory Board is packed with young leaders dedicated to amplifying our anti-bullying and peace-building message across their communities.


Our Partners


The Heroes In Waiting origin story is a winding path from tragedy to teamwork and triumph. Learn how a gift from Century Martial Arts became the seed that started a movement.



Jim stewart

Jim Stewart

Executive Director


SUSAN Stewart

Operations Manager


MalcoLm TUBBS*



Scottie Hines*

Chief Storyteller

Angie LaPaglia

Angie LaPaglia*

Communications Strategist


Sundeep Sharma*

Media Specialist

Cadan Peters*

Chair, Teen Advisory Board

*These team members play an integral role in the success of the building, creating, and ongoing expansion of Heroes In Waiting. They contribute in an ongoing consulting capacity, and they are each critical to our mission.