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Heroes In Waiting is a FREE, robust, 12-lesson anti-bullying and peace-building curriculum that goes beyond basic anti-bullying information to incorporate evidence-based best practices for meeting children’s core needs of safety and belonging. We’ve mindfully designed it for use by:

What’s included in the Heroes In Waiting CURRICULUM?

Our holistic anti-bullying and peace-building program not only supports kids with engaging videos and age-appropriate worksheets and activities, it also includes resources for teachers and other adult supporters like parents, counselors, ministers, coaches, and leaders of all kinds.

A dynamic facilitator’s guide and video training helps grownups create and protect an environment for children to pursue their education and their life goals, and develop socially and emotionally so that they can grow up to be healthy adults.

The best part? The entire program is offered FREE to anyone interested in helping develop healthy kids.



Lesson plans, handouts, & more to help you create a culture that cultivates, reinforces, and protects the human rights of kids.



Engaging videos and handouts to help reinforce the Heroes In Waiting concepts and behaviors learned in class.

Adult Supporters

Adult Supporters

Follow along with the Heroes In Waiting program at home, and help reinforce key concepts for the kids you care about.

What Educators Are Saying

"I am LIVING for these Heroes in Waiting sessions with 5th graders. They're so intuitive and tuned in. This has been a joy so far. Just wanted to share the sunshine!"
“This curriculum is a powerful tool to help our students and teachers navigate the challenges of bullying behavior in our world today." ​
“Every elementary and middle school in the country needs this material!“
"The Heroes in Waiting team has put together practical, helpful, and relatable videos, handouts, and activities to educate us all, and they have given us courage to be a hero in waiting.”
"I really loved Lesson 4 [How Our Differences Make Us Stronger], and think we all need those reminders today. So glad you included that topic."

How was Heroes In Waiting CURRICULUM developed?

This FREE program is based on the popular Heroes In Waiting curriculum developed by Century Martial Arts, and field-proven for years in martial arts academies across the United States.

Today’s Heroes In Waiting curriculum has been updated and expanded for use by any organization or individual who cares about the safety and welfare of kids, and who longs to cultivate an environment conducive to their social and emotional development.

It was developed by a team of training and curriculum rock stars with not only years of educational development experience, but also a heart for kids and a belief in their ability to make a better world.