Tammy Jensen

It Takes an Educator

At Heroes In Waiting, anti-bullying curriculum and programming are at the heart of what we do. And educators – teachers, counselors, administrators, and staff – are the number-one way our message reaches the kids who need it most. That’s why we are so grateful to welcome lifelong educator Tammy Jensen as our new education coordinator. In this position, she’ll serve as our primary liaison with schools who are implementing Heroes In Waiting curriculum, walking alongside educators, assisting with implementation, and incorporating their feedback to continually improve our programming.

“Students need opportunities to learn hard things in a safe environment,” she says. “As the education coordinator, I want to help schools and teachers teach students about bullying behavior and how to take the positive steps to combat it.”

As a former school administrator, Tammy saw the effects of bullying every day. “Bullying behavior is not easy to deal with or prevent, but education is the key,” she says. “Heroes in Waiting gives schools the tools and curriculum they need to grow a generation of heroes that can identify bullying behavior and know how to respond. There is not a comprehensive program that does it like Heroes in Waiting, and I want to be a part of that.” 

In fact, Tammy is already hard at work researching, updating, and expanding Heroes In Waiting core curriculum for use in both early elementary and high school classrooms. “My big dream is for the curriculum to be in all schools so that we can have a lasting impact on the well-being of our kids,” she says. “Our schools and educators are overwhelmed. I want to take the pressure off teachers so that when an administrator says ‘we are implementing Heroes in Waiting,’ the teacher says ‘I can do this.’”  

“Tammy is an answer to prayer,” says Heroes In Waiting executive director Jim Stewart. “She has stepped in and begun tackling work that we knew needed to be done, and some we didn’t even know we needed. Her heart and her expertise will be huge in expanding our reach and moving us forward as an organization.”

In addition to being a 20-year veteran teacher and administrator, Tammy is also mom to three amazing kids with very different abilities and backgrounds, including one with developmental disabilities. It’s another reason she’s committed to teaching kids that the differences they see in others are really opportunities to grow together.

Want to know more about how Heroes In Waiting can help your students? Tammy's here for it!